Widow of Calcutta

The author of Change of Heart, An Innocent Among Them and Breathe of the Flesh brings you the newest Josh McGowan adventure. A pirate treasure lost in the Caribbean more than 300 years ago becomes the focal point of a contest between a South American drug lord and the wife of the research scientist who uncovered its location.

The treasure is not a chest of jewels and coins but a sacred cross forged of gold and bearing a giant ruby that legend says holds spiritual powers. For the drug lord it is a link to his past, but for the scientist’s wife the value the cross holds is the last hope she has to save her niece.

Josh is attracted to this fearless, beautiful woman but finds himself drawn into her personal competition with the drug lord to find the cross first. Every day that passes brings her closer to losing her niece. Josh is the only one who can find the cross and save the girl’s life, unless he is killed first.

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