An Innocent Among Them

The new Josh McGowan novel by the author of Change of Heart.

Deception and coercion are the tools of a small terrorist cell operating in a Midwest college town. Their target is Jen Dvorak, a pre-med student with a weakness that makes her vulnerable. Her heart has been wounded by betrayal.

Now she has been turned into a weapon for the terrorists. She is caught in the middle, between an act of terror that could tear the Middle East apart, and the selfless heroism of the man who would throw away everything to stop a holocaust.

Josh McGowan’s only weapon is a courage that drives him to disobey orders to protect her, even if the cost is his own life. But is Jen really the innocent one to come out of it all?

Comments for Jack Allen’s first book:
I am thrilled that this is only the debut of Josh McGowan, and I look forward to the next in the series.
- Tracy Farnsworth, The Mysterious Corner

Jack Allen has a winner in Change of Heart. I can’t wait to read more of Josh’s adventures!
- Briana Lambert, All About Murder Reviews

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