Change of Heart

As an officer in an obscure, under-funded branch of U.S. Navy Intelligence, Josh McGowan is given the leftover jobs, the scraps, the lousy missions that no one else wants.

In Change of Heart, the CIA has busted Valeria, a former KGB informer, out of a Russian prison, and Josh is given the job to escort her from the east coast of Russia back to the United States. The plan is that she will be debriefed by the CIA at the request of Colonel Mironov, a former Soviet Army officer who has agreed to share his secrets on the condition that she is set free.

Mironov has his own plans, and once he has Valeria in his hands, he’s going to use her as evidence of the ineffectiveness of the Democratic state in Russi, and usher the Soviets back to power by his own hand.

Valeria, though, has her own ideas, and they do not involve Josh, the CIA, or Colonel Mironov. All she wants is to be back with the man she loves, and if she has to kill Josh or anyone who stands in her way, she will not hesitate.

Caught in the middle of a bad mission that gets worse at every step, Josh must decide if he’s falling in love with Valeria, or if he has to kill her himself.

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