The Viper's Son

Burping Frog Publishing is excited to announce the newest novel from Sandy Cohen, the newest author to our lineup. Sandy's new book is The Viper's Son, a thrilling story about Nazi explosives and sabotage on the coast of Florida.

The Viper’s Son is a tale of intrigue, mystery, greed, murder, betrayal, revenge, and, ultimately, redemption weaving through two generations and two continents. It begins in Germany, in the closing days of World War II along the coast of Florida, when the Nazi high command stepped up their real-life secret mission of sabotage along the eastern shores of Florida burying explosives on the beaches, delivered by the same U-boats that had been doing so much devastation to American shipping throughout the war. But this secret mission is something else as well, something even more sinister and cynical, something the Nazi high command has trained their special forces for years to prepare for the inevitable defeat of the Reich and their ultimate revenge.

Combine these elements with real-life modern international land fraud and betrayal of the most sacred trusts of all, and the fuse is lit. Are such men and women still out there and still as dangerous? When wealth beyond imagining and local political power that borders on tyranny clash, these things can and have happened here in America, and will again when sociopaths without conscious grasp for them.

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